How Bail Works

How Bail Works

The process of bonding a friend or loved one out of jail involves a contractual undertaking between the individual in need of bail bond services (the defendant) ; the bail agent, and a guarantor, the person who will meet with the bail bond agent to pay and complete all necessary paperwork; also known as (the indemnitor).

The indemnitor pays the bail bond agent a fee for his services, usually 10% of the entire bond amount and promises to ensure that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the judge requires him/her to. Collateral may be required to secure the bond, to protect against any losses that may occur if the defendant intentionally skips out. Vehicle titles, real estate, and cash are some of the most commonly used forms of collateral.

In the event the defendant intentionally fails to appear at a court hearing, and cannot be located by the bail agent or law enforcement , the indemnitor must pay the entire amount of the bond, or risk forfeiting the collateral used to secure the bond. If the defendant is located and arrested, the indemnitor may be responsible for all expenses incurred in locating the defendant.

When an agreement is reached, the bail agent will post the bond at the jail securing the release of your friend or loved one.

Why use us?

No one likes to consider spending the night in jail, but an unexpected arrest could result in your having to spend 1 or 2 days in custody. In the event, it's comforting to know that a reliable bail bonding service is ready and willing to serve you.

For most families, choosing a bonding agent is a very difficult decision to make. There are many complicated decisions involved in choosing your agent. To protect your interests and assure that you make the best possible decisions, it's important that you have an agent on your side who is an expert in the local market.

Our focus is on providing you the best possible service. We will work hard and fast, keeping you informed of everything that takes place. As your agent and experts in the local market, we will answer all of your questions as they arise. We represent you, in the bonding process. This assures that our experience will be used in your best interests during the process.

Let us help you with your bail bonding needs. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have at any time.

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